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Sunlight on the Vine
Sunlight on the Vine

“Judi Gilden’s watercolor paintings have the simple clarity and purity only found in transparent watercolor done with a well practiced hand and a creative mind.”

– June Ann Sullivan, Watercolorist and owner, Watermark Gallery, Tuckerton, NJ

“Judi Gilden’s watercolors enhance my home as well as the Ocean County College Arts Center, where I work. Just looking at her innovative interpretations of nature gives me a deep sense of peace. Her originality and creativity is to be applauded. Judi is truly one of my favorite artists.”

– Bobbi Krantz, Director, The Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts, Ocean County College

“…When everyone who visits the gallery remarks on the clarity, beauty and serenity found in Ms. Gilden’s work, we know she has the artistic talent to appeal to a wide and diverse gallery audience…Her art work is striking and at the same time inviting, and thus very popular to gallery visitors…”

– Dennis J. Murphy, Gallery Director, Gallery One Main, High Bridge, NJ

Artist’s Statement

Many years ago I happened  upon a watercolor exhibit and my soul was captured by the images I saw.  At that moment of wonder, I said a silent prayer: “Dear Lord, if only I can learn to paint like that.”  

It took time and devotion. But my prayer was answered., and it brought me to my vision of truth.

The truth I attempt to express in my art is simply the triumph of beauty over adversity.  My path to grace is my capacity to appreciate the magnificence of that which surrounds us, despite the difficult lessons of life.  My work, then, becomes a reflection of the joy I find in my life. Creating art is a healing endeavor, and that moment of creation is, for me, the greatest celebration of all that is.

I try to create personally expressive and sincere works, while working representationally, providing a convincing illusion and pleasing interplay of form, color and space using various forms of water media.  

What I love about working with watercolor is its unique freshness, its clean sparkle, clarity and luminosity.  Its flexibility is endless.  Like a genie from a magic lamp, it can become whatever you wish.  Every painting has the potential to emerge as a celebration of the medium. I especially enjoy experimenting with color, and with many layers of glazing, creating harmonious mixes, using veils of color to produce subtle changes and fine nuances in my work.

 Each painting becomes a learning process, a fascination with what will happen as I walk along its path.  Each painting has its own vibration, its own energy.  The boundless delight I find in watercolor propels me to be a student as well as a teacher, to constantly refresh and add to my knowledge, to continually strive to paint a better painting, as each series of paintings brings me further along on my journey.

My artistic journey has thus far been truly rewarding.  Over the 40 years in which I have been working in water media, I have joined art organizations and served them in many capacities.  In every role as an artist, teacher, juror, colleague or volunteer, I have always put professionalism as my first priority. 

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